Verulam Young Muslim Society. Serving the dis-advantaged communities of Verulam  in their Social, Welfare & Educational needs since 1918

Through the fantastic work carried out by staff a number of individuals have reverted to lslam from the outlying areas made up of primarily African Blacks. They have come and taken to lslam with great strides and this is evident in their commitment shown to improve themselves and their families.


Alhumdulillah, the Society has been able to run adult classes on Saturdays for male and female reverts at the Verulam Islamic School and at Waterloo. Seven educators have been employed to educate 100 students on a weekly basis.


Assistance is provided for the less fortunate in many forms via the Welfare Department.


This assistance could be in the form of payment for arrears in rental, lights or water. Cost of transportation for our students to the various Madrassahs, or for the elderly to clinics or hospitals.

Financing circumcision for babies, children and adults through the appropriate doctors. Assist individuals requiring medical care and hospitalization.


Financing self help schemes, acquiring a driver's license or a nursing diploma.

Alhumdulillah with the assistance of Almighty Allah Ta'ala the Verulam Young Muslim Society hopes to embark on a number of projects to assist the less fortunate and at the same time to help improve their quality of life and home conditions.


Build at least 30 houses per year for the poorest of the poor.

Build and establish an additional Jamaat Khaana (Musallah) facility at Ndwedwe and Waterloo.

Design and implement training courses for educators to ensure that the best educators are employed imparting Islamic knowledge. 0verall improvement to the Trenance Park facility

  • Attending to the Welfare and Social needs of the community.

  • Assistance with medical expenses.

  • Provision of hampers - monthly, Ramadhan and Eid.

  • Assisting with disaster relief in the local community or area.

  • lmparting of Islamic education.

  • Assisting with arrears for rental, lights and water.

  • Assisting families with funds to purchase new and existing homes.

  • Negotiating with government and NG0's on behalf of individuals.

  • Education funding for students at both the primary and secondary levels
    for Islamic and
    secular studies.

  • Funding of students at the private Verulam Islamic School.

  • Self help schemes for individuals.

  • Dawah to the local community.

  • Circumcision for Adults and children.

Our primary objectives:

Through the kind consideration of the Verulam Madrassah Koovathe lslam Trust the Society occupies premises at the Verulam Islamic School. The Society's office is the hub off all activities and programmes undertaken by the Society.


A committed band of volunteers shoulder the bulk of the responsibilities; however, with the Society making an indelible contribution over the years, in surrounding townships and rural communities, the Society has employed a full-time Administrative community coordinator to serve the growing demand from disadvantaged communities. Some of the communities serviced by the society are as follows:


Buffelsdraai, Roodekraans, Oakford, Canelands, Coniston, Hazelmere, Mahlabatini, Ndwedwe etc. The VYMS is the only registered organisation operating in these communities thus placing immense pressure on the society's organizational and financial resources.


To facilitate the activities of the society the organisation has three sub committees specializing in different operational aspects:


200 Muslim and non-Muslims are provided Sadqa for
one basic meal

170 food hampers are distributed every month

1000 Special Ramadhan and Eid hampers are handed out.


Aid to the Destitute:

Hamper Distribution:

Future projects:

The V.Y.M.S. assists in funding learners at both the primary and secondary levels for Islamic and secular education. Learners are enrolled at the Verulam Islamic School and other public schools.


Funding is also provided for students wanting to further their Islamic education at Darul Uloom's or students pursuing tertiary education. Opportunities are offered to individuals wanting assistance towards any self help project or persons wanting to pursue a career in nursing.


On an ongoing basis the society is involved in a feeding scheme to combat poverty and hunger in the communities the society serves.

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Attending to the Welfare and Social needs of the community